SKR Rabbitry

Welcome to SKR Rabbitry!
MY NEW WEBSITE IS Please go there if you would like to view my rabbits! Thanks~
My new rabbitry email is:  please change it if you have the old one. Thanks!!

Whats new at SKR..... Some new dwarfs litters.....shaded kits and tons of breedings.....also NO longer breeding English Lops.
Lots of new bunz in the barn from Precious Jewells,Lots a Hops, McCready, IronMountain and a few others from the past few months of so, Check them out!! I will be getting pictures mosted of all the new bunnies within the next few weeks. LOTS of babies. Reserve yours today!!!!!!


SKR Rabbitry (Registered ARBA Rabbitry #X354), located in Arlington, Washington (northeast of Seattle), and is owned by Rachel Olson. 
Rachel breeds quality Netherland Dwarfs for show, breeding, 4-H and family pets. She is dedicated to breeding for quality in her rabbits as well as having a temperment that will make them wonderful companions.  She has Netherland Dwarfs in broken, Himalayan, shaded, BEW, Smoke pearl and Sable Marten.

I want to thank Leslie Hobbs for ALL her help in Netherland Dwarfs, Shes the one who got us started!! I also want to thank Cynthia McCready for helping me so hugely with my shaded program!! Thank you so much!!!!
Susan raises Netherland Dwarfs
Kasey has one E-lop buck that she has retired.  She does not breed
Rachel raises Netherland Dwarfs.
We started out with some pet rabbits and Rachel's rabbitry has grown tremendously from there.  Its in a shop/barn right next to the house with really easy access.  We check on the bunnies (feed, water and quick pets) in the morning before work/school and then spend hours in the evening with the bunnies.  They love their attention and are always happy to see you. 
We are members of:
American Rabbit Breeders Association
American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club
Emerald City Netherland Dwarf Club
Lop Rabbit Club of America
Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association
Northwest Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club